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A Book By Jim Rossi

ABOUT JIM ROSSI..My goals? To create value for my readers by being entertaining, accurate, and fair to the best of my ability. I am currently finishing my first book – “The Case of the Cleantech Con Artist: A True Vegas Tale” – a true crime caper between frenemies. You can support my work at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/cleantechconartist. I am available for speaking and interviews. Write me anytime – and welcome to the conversation.

Connect With Jim Rossi on Linked In

Connect with Jim Rossi

Jim Rossi on LinkedIn. You can connect and speak with Jim over several social media platforms.  Follow Jim and get the latest updates on his books and his tips. Jim has over 374,000 followers on LinkedIn and is a LinkedIn Top Voice and Influencer.

  • Jim has over 374,000 followers on Linked In

  • Jim is a Linked In Top Voice